celia brooks

Celia’s biography

Celia’s inventive style of vegetarian cooking has made her an established name on the cookery shelf. Born in Colorado, USA, she moved to London after university. She worked for several years as a private chef for the film director Stanley Kubrick and running her own catering business. 

She has written nine cookbooks including the international bestseller “New Vegetarian”, and has contributed to many others. Her latest book, “SuperVeg: Over 100 Recipes Celebrating the Joy and Power of the 25 Healthiest Vegetables on the Planet” was published worldwide by Murdoch Books in 2018.

She conveys her passion for food in every way possible, through writing books, journalism, consulting, and live demos. She founded her own business called “Gastrotours” in 2002, designing and conducting tasting tours around London’s foodie hotspots. Her tours embrace all types of food, not just vegetarian. As the founder of the first tasting tour at Borough Market in 2004, she holds an exclusive license granted by the Market to be the only person permitted to run tours there.

Since she was forced to temporarily suspend her tours in March 2020 (we all know what happened then!), she has built a supplementary business conducting online events and experiences. These include group tasting sessions, private and group cooking classes, and consulting sessions.

Celia’s numerous TV appearances include James Martin’s Saturday Morning (ITV), Market Kitchen (UKTV Food), Saturday Kitchen (BBC), and in the USA on PBS and The Food Network.

Celia wrote a weekly column for The Times online called “Urban Farmer” about her allotment in North London, which led to her 2010 book “New Urban Farmer”. She is a regular contributor to print and online publications including BBC Good Food Magazine and the Borough Market website.